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Using a GAF Factory-Certified Contractor Means Your Roof Will Get Done Right by a Local Roofing Company

Local Roofing Companies vs. American Pride Roofing

With so many Local Roofing Companies flooding your favorite smartphone maps application, it’s hard to figure out which roofing contractors are legitimate and which ones aren’t. Over the last 22 years, Dallas-based, American Pride Roofing Contractors have successfully installed well over 5,000 Residential Roofs and Commercial Roofing Systems. Due to the large number of professionally trained roofing contractors we employ, the vast majority of roof replacement projects are completed in just one day.

Every roofing project managed by American Pride Roofing includes a Master Roofing Supervisor with at least 20 years of experience, in the North Texas roofing industry. Our Master Roofers are responsible for making sure that all OSHA safety guidelines are strictly adhered to.

For our customer’s peace of mind we offer a price match policy, perhaps our most noteworthy, which states we will match or beat any competitor’s re-roofing price, when matching “apples to apples”. We are never paid until the job is 100% complete. Unlike most of our competitors, we are fully insured and possess extremely high bonding capabilities. American Pride Roofing also provides all homeowners with a 10 year contractor’s workmanship warranty.

Our experienced team of professionals are all from local neighborhoods just like yours. They are waiting for your call and are ready to step in to try and make your life a bit easier during this difficult time. Our free roof inspection service in Dallas, TX provides all homeowners with a concise, handwritten roof estimate which includes the extent of your home’s roof damage that occurred, not necessarily during a storm.

Always Verify Local Roofing Companies Insurance

All roofing contractors who ever work on your home must have workman’s compensation and liability insurance to protect you, the homeowner, in the unfortunate event of any type of roofing accident. Worker’s compensation insurance will protect you, the homeowner, if a roofing company’s employee gets injured. General liability insurance will protect you from any accidental damage caused by the roofing company’s roofers during the roof repair or replacement process.

Without workman’s compensation insurance, many local roofing companies, quite often, pass a huge burden to the homeowner. If the roofing company doesn’t have insurance the homeowner is then responsible for all medical bills and any other costs associated with the roofer’s injury. If your homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover these types of roofing accidents, you will be personally and legally responsible for all of the costs. Before any work begins, ALWAYS physically call the roofing company’s insurance policy issuer and verify the insurance is in effect. This alone could end up saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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American Pride Roofing has grown a lot over the last 22 years, not because of clever marketing or advertising, but because we know that if we do things right and treat people fairly the rest will take care of itself. Our Founder, Larry Covey, lives by the phrase “Treat the Customer How You Want To Be Treated”.

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We built our local roofing business by word-of-mouth referrals from happy customers. Now, the most common way for people to review us is to post something online, and we LOVE it. Seeing positive reviews and winning awards is a validation of the way we do business.

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