Roof Replacement Basics

We Understand Roof Replacement Can Seem Complicated, Impossible Even. Let Us Walk You Through the Process.

Does Your Home Need a Roof Replacement?

Despite the often need for home roof replacement, Owning your own home in the Dallas Metroplex can be one of the greatest joys in life. When it comes to a complete Roof Replacement, maintaining your beautiful home can take the enjoyment out of home ownership! One of the biggest and most unexpected expenses that can arise from owning your own home is getting a new roof installed. If you’re not quite sure how often a typical home needs a new roof, you’re about to learn. A general rule of thumb says a typical asphalt roof should last approximately 10-20 years, depending on the respective weather conditions.

Telltale Signs of Asphalt Shingle Roof Damage

Let me point out a few basic red flags which may indicate you need to repair or replace your roof. First and foremost, the number one red flag indicating you need a roof replacement is visual water damage or dry water stains. These unsightly brownish stains may appear in the walls and or ceilings in your home. Simple rainwater can be forced by strong winds up and under the asphalt shingles and penetrate through any damaged underlayment. Any spot on your roof where there are missing, or damaged shingles will easily allow storm water penetration. Damaged or missing flashing around chimneys, vents, and skylights will also allow water to penetrate your roof and cause roofing damage.

Another possible sign your roof has been breached is if you notice a dramatic change in your heating and or cooling bills. Your roof is constantly under attack by all the natural elements such as the sun, wind, rain, ice, rotting tree leaves and even the buildup of condensation. We recommend you regularly inspect your roof, every 3-6 months. This will help identify any minor issues and help put an end to them before they can develop into costly major roof damage.

Roof Replacement Versus Roof Repair Costs

For most homeowners, a total roof replacement is very rarely a choice one makes just because they desire a change in the color of their asphalt shingles. For the average person a total roof replacement is considered very expensive and requires a hefty investment. Insurance companies only agree to pay the bill when there is no other option for protecting the integrity of your home and structure. By all accounts, roof replacement is considered a major home improvement. Reasonable homeowners as well as mortgage companies will want to ensure only the best roofing professionals, who are certified, work on installing their new roof. A local and reputable roofing company can be trusted to use only the highest of quality roofing products.

Key Benefits of Roof Replacement & Repair

American Pride Roofing Company will always offer you a true hand-written price estimate for your potential roof replacement. We don’t employ typical ex-sales managers or high pressure sales teams, but rather, retired insurance agents and consultants. This strategy allows us to have an advantage on behalf of our customers when it comes to getting a true roof damage appraisal.

Dallas Metroplex Roof Replacement Cost