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Save Money with a Certified Roofing Estimator

Choosing An Experienced Roofing Estimator is a great way to ensure you get the highest quality roofing materials for your home roof replacement project. American Pride Roofing Contractors employ the largest in-house expert roofing estimators, in the Far North Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Our roofing estimators and roof specialists will visit your home to assess your roof’s condition. Many homeowners do not consider their roof’s condition until water leaks drip inside the home. However, your roof has much to endure! Your home’s roof takes a daily beating from heavy sunlight during summertime and then must withstand severe Texas weather storm systems. In particular, Texas Hailstorms cause some of the most severe roof damage. If you live where hail often occurs, and North Texas is one of the most susceptible regions, your roof could be having the life knocked out of it. Working with a roofing estimator from our team, to implement your roofing insurance policy, can result in significantly reduced costs for a new roof.

Choose a Certified Roofing Estimator

McKinney Roofing Contractor Chris Graves

Chris Graves

Jeff Jenkins, Roofing Claims Specialist

Jeff Jenkins

Destin Gilmer Roofing Claims Specialist

Destin Gilmer

Randy Bonneau, Roofing Claims Specialist

Randy Bonneau

Gary Gwinn Roofing Insurance Claims Specialist

Gary Gwinn

Craig Sloan Fort Worth Roofing Contractor

Craig Sloan

Russell Lawrenz - McKinney TX Roofing Claims Specialist

Russell Lawrenz

Larry Covey, Roofing Specialist

Larry Covey

Ed Werner Roofing Claims Specialist

Ed Werner

Kyle Kassim Roofing Contractor Dallas

Kyle Kassim

Erik Duncan - Frisco Roofing Contractor

Erik Duncan